Cyber crime has now become very common, and it’s so mandatory to know how to ‘protect ourselves from falling in the trap’.

We  can protect ourselves from cyber crime, by learning about cyber security.

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What is cyber security ?

In simple words, cyber security means the techniques, of protecting computers, network and data from unauthorized people. In short, it’s your safety net from the scammers online.


How can you be trapped?

You might get an anonymous text, email or even call raising concern about your bank details. It’s also possible that the person identifies himself. All the more reason to be aware.

This person might misguide you and will,  falsely alarm you of some suspicious activity on your account.  And, once you panic he will take advantage of the situation.

It’s now when he , would ask you for your ‘secret’ pin.  If you fall in the trap, and share the pin, then it’s end game for you, as he has access to all your money. As per RBI, 12 K cases related to ATM credit and debit cards were reported, by banks in 2015-2016. Also, there have been around 49K cyber security incidents in 2015.


Be Aware

  1. Bank people, will not call, email or text you for the ‘pin’.
  2. If you are being harassed by a call, please report to the bank as soon as possible.


Protect yourself & others

  1. Don’t ever respond to calls/ texts/ mails that raise a rd flag to you.
  2. Don’t share your passwords online, with anyone.
  3. When you shop online, make it a point to use secured internet. Public Wi-Fi, or internet can lead to trouble.
  4. Register your mobile number for alerts, and inquire for every transaction made.
  5. Keep a strong password and not a simple one like a pet name or birthday.
  6. Make sure you log-out completely once your session is completed.


Disclaimer: This post is for Educational purpose.