Self Love D- Desserts A to Z Challenge #atozchallenge


Don’t we all love Desserts? Now, I know my theme is not about food, but why does D stand for Desserts? Let me explain this elaborately. But before I go ahead, ask yourself one question: Does Dessert make you feel good or bad?

Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert. B. C. Forbes

How is Self Love Related to Dessert?

When we choose ourselves first, we tend to feel guilty. I think most of you, might agree same goes with dessert. You like to put yourself first, but often the idea of consequences and what comes after scares you. I feel that’s exactly how one feels while indulging in desserts.

That getting ready for a girls night out but leaving your baby behind. In safe hands, but is the guilt there?

Baking a chocolate cake, and then enjoying it with tea. Instead of a bit, finishing half of it. Guilt?  Is it there yet.

The idea is to enjoy the joys of life and not fret about it. Yes, too much of Dessert is bad. Similarly,  too much of self-love may label you as selfish.

Do you see the connection?

3 Ways to know the difference between self-love and being selfish.


1- You do not disregard others, even if they are wrong. Putting ourselves first means, we are prioritising our needs, feelings. But it in no way gives you the license to snub others.


2- Self-love cant be about vanity. Being conceited and showing off is not self-love. Its plain showing off.  Don’t be cocky- about your designer clothes, bags, first class tickets. It should be between you- not on social media 😉


3- Overgiving, is not self-love. Loving yourself is about finding a balance and saying “no” when its time to say no. 


So now, don’t you think that Self-love & Dessert are somewhat connected?