Gratitude and Happiness

It’s time we start being happy and stop feeling low even if its PMS.

I have learnt with time, and actually still learning.

Happiness needs to be practised. No one is born happy or sad.

If we count our blessings “more” we automatically, look at the bigger or the better picture.

Gratitude. Is. The. Key.

We need to practice gratitude and happiness.


Helping ourselves to not feel sad is self-love, right? Happiness comes from feeling satisfied and at peace with oneself.

The place where we do not compare ourselves, failures, victories with others.

feel a Gratitude” list really helps. It makes us realize that we are blessed.


Sharing my gratitude list here: (Not including kids, family as they are always in by default)

  • Wifi
  • Money to cure the knee pain that has hit me
  • Domestic Help
  • Blogging
  • Netflix
  • Access to one of the best people on Whatsapp
  • My faith in God

What are you thankful for today?


Ps- I missed “G”, so I clubbed it into one. 🙂