We all live an “Instagram driven world” Right? And, there is nothing as too much Instagram. 😉

Okay, maybe there is.

But, despite the time we end up wasting there, I love Instagram. I know, I need to reduce my time, but hey one step at a time.

I always had a “private” profile and it took a lot of courage to hit the “public” slide, once I decided to make blogging into a profession.


So, something which gave you courage and confidence, contributes to self-love? Right?

I have made amazing friends on Instagram. Yes most of them, are from the blog, but I also bumped into some good” friends on the platform itself.


Would like to end my post, with a question

Do you like Instagram or not? I know for a fact that some people feel that I’m always on Instagram, and they are right 😀 Peace!