Jealousy is undoubtedly not a great feeling. But, you can be a strong person, and use it in your favour. Again, this does come at a finger snap. And, I’m still trying to learn.

I doubt if any of us has not envied or been jealous of someone. It’s natural. 


Let’s consider you and your friend, started your weight loss journeys together.  You lose 2 kilos in a span of 4 months, and she loses 6. 

Now, it’s easier to feel that, maybe your friend has a fast metabolism. But, perhaps you KNOW the truth. 

Maybe, you did not follow the steps, and she did. Maybe you lack the discipline.


The point is, that when such emotions strike you, turn them in your favour. Do not feel insecure. Instead, focus on what you can do differently.

Isn’t it what, you would explain to a loved one if they felt envious of someone? WHY? Because you love them?

Similarly, this is what you should do for yourself too. Because you love yourself.


How do you deal with jealousy?


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