Laughter is indeed the best medicine

Today lets talk laughter.  Something that is way more than just a smile. 

What makes you laugh? A joke? A memory?Something your child said?

Self-love is not only about feeling happy, joyous and content. If you notice –  that feeling of immense satisfaction arises when we make others happy.  When we help others. And, somehow add laughter in their lives.


What makes you laugh out loud?

1- Friends t.v show never ever fails. It’s my thing if I need to add some humour in life.

2- Jokes that my kids crack. In fact, even they gyaan that they give me. (I, of course, laugh when they are not around LOL)

3- Some memories from my childhood, where I would act silly – example, wear my mom’s dupatta as a saree. (Did you do that too?)

4- Some funny moments that happen with the rest of my family

5- And, sometimes memories of me as a new “bahu” trust me I can go on and on. That saga still amuses everyone in my family lol.


If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”
― Robert Frost


So, let’s hear what makes you laugh? Any show you tune into, whenever you feel upset? 

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