Rat Race my version 
So dont  you think rat race is a lot more prevalent than before at the moment?  
Anywhere and everywhere I see people competing with each other like crazy.
But, what’s this going to lead to?
Let me share a small story but, no names ok?
When someone succeeds more than you, it lights a fire in you! But the wrong type.
Mainly because that person is getting more acknowledgement than you ever did!
But- the sad or the ugly truth is 
That even if you win – you are still a rat!
After trying to win multiple rat races and also being declared As the rat princess once 
I decided it doesn’t feel so good!
And, that’s when I stopped trying to win a RatRace.
This was from a real-life incident. The rat race made me crazy. I wanted to just win, somehow. I wasted so much time, trying to win a lost battle.!
Don’t take me wrong!
Losing still hurts!
But then I’m happy as I’m still that lady who took the higher road who trained herself to take the higher road.
What are your thoughts on the RAT RACE? now pretty much visible on social media.

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