We all look for validation. And, it’s ok. But only as long as it’s not going to make us change our decision.


Do I look too fat?

Do I look pretty enough?

Do I cook well?

Am I a good mother? wife?

Oh, the validations we need! 


Look inside, without anyone else’s validation understand that you are valuable, talented, unique, and worthy.

Joe Sacco


It’s true until and unless we start respecting ourselves, we will need to get that validation from others. I think, even if we need the same from our spouse, parents, siblings it is not right.


We might make mistakes in the beginning. Judge ourselves, at our ability to make decisions.  But, it will not be long before, we get the knack of it.

Everything needs to practise. And, comes with time. So,  stop looking for validation from others.

And, even if you do then, Do Not Change what you decided.


Would love to know your thoughts.


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