Today I’m doing a review of a very known website and personally, one of my favourite websites, Shopping with Myntra has simplified my life and freed up my time like nothing else has.

You guys know, that I have lost about 8 kilos (& few more to go!) and, one the thing I included in my lifestyle change is, exercising.

Back in the day, I started with just walking & running and I had to invest in some really good walking shoes. I zeroed in on Nike Shoes, as, they are in my humble opinion, the best! 

Once I bought a good pair of Nike running shoes from Myntra, I also started shopping for other articles as well. So the love affair with Myntra continues!

Another reason why I feel, Myntra is the best online shopping store, is due to the huge variety and filtering options here! One can choose based on whatever parameters you want…if only we could apply it in day to life also, ha ha!

Also, the delivered product has always been in good condition and of the same quality as promised. No unpleasant surprises here!

Lastly, one can enjoy some good discounts on Nike shoes at Myntra,  that are not easily possible at shopping malls & stores.

So, let’s explore how we can get ourselves a pair of good sports shoes.

Shopping with Myntra: The Shopping Process Explained

  1. Make sure that you know the shoe size you are looking for. At times, shoe sizes are confusing, and that derails the entire process of enjoying smooth shopping.
  2. You can chose from what type of shoes you are looking for, i.e, formal shoes or sports shoes.


3. Next, you can also select the price range on the left hand corner, right below the option from where you chose the type of      shoes.

             After you select your desired price range, we get an option to browse through the shoes, only in that range.


   4.If you are fashion conscious, or would like to coordinate your Nike shoes with other accessories, there is some good news for you. The colour filter is available, which helps you browse and select the shoes in your preferred colours.


    5. Once, you pick your choice you click on that item and the page will take you to select your shoe size and then check-out. You can also view the shoe from different angles.






Win Win

  1. You shop from the comfort of your own home
  2. The customer care is very good
  3. Easy policies for exchange
  4. Good prices
  5. You receive what you are promised.


Also, the variety of shoes has is amazing. You can find all the sizes and have lots of colours to choose from.

So, guys do not delay the walking and running depending on your next visit to the mall, and enjoy online shopping at Myntra and have those comfortable sports shoes ordered for yourself and your spouse at your doorsteps.

Also, there is about 40% discount on Nike shoes, which is kind of hard to bag at the local shoe store.



Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post, but all views are my own.