The superpowers I wish for myself are definitely not imaginary. These are the powers that I can actually inhibit with time. But, still, I wish if I can just ace them in a jiffy.  So what are these superpowers that I’m talking about?

Let’s cut the chase and let me share of all the incredible superpowers that I wish to possess not only for the year but for life.


the incredible superpowers: Stop Procrastinating 

Stop Procrastinating  – now it may not sound like a “superpower” to you, but trust me for me it is. Imagine, a life when you just get things done- when you need to.

Off late, I tend to “delay” things, and as a result, I either miss doing them or do a rushed job.

A life, where I’m like clockwork and jump on the treadmill as soon as I brush my teeth doesn’t sound too bad to me. This superpower can come with practice and, I can’t wait to get it.


A woman ironing while talking on the phone
The Three Incredible Superpowers I want



the incredible superpowers: Do it all

Do it all – As a blogger, I tend to have a lot of stuff to do. Taking pictures, writing posts, making pins etc. Oh, and I need to take are of the children too. They might not be babies, but they still need to be taken care of. And, then comes working out. And, somewhere in between a few stolen moments of chatter with the husband.

On a given day, it really gets hard to choose between a workout and blogging work. Of course, I feel amazing after it gets done. But, something or the other out of the two gets less time.

So, I need a superpower where I can manage it better and do it all.


the incredible superpowers: Be less transparent

Be less transparent –  If you know me, you know my face is actually the mirror to my soul. It’s so transparent that I kind of dislike the fact. My anger, love any emotion shows up easily on my face. I sure wish, for a poker face where the world wouldn’t see what I feel.

This superpower is something, that I would love to have. I see how people “hide” their feelings and can actually be someone totally different from what you anticipated.

In my case, trust me whatever the notion you might have made for me: good, bad, ugly: you are absolutely right. I’m exactly how I came across.


So, these were the superpowers that I would love to possess any day.

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