Weight loss is no rocket science, yet we all face tremendous challenges and even get stuck while undertaking this path.

Why do you think this happens? Speaking from personal experience, I can easily attribute this to our mindset, and also to our being lazy.


So, without further ado, let’s get started on how to lose weight FOR real!!!



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Ten Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Giving Much Thought

Determination – This is number one in my opinion. Until and unless you sign up your brain for what you want, it will JUST NOT HAPPEN. It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

Start with determination, that yes I will lose the weight. (Once you are determined it gets  better)


Set Realistic Goals

 Now, if you wake up one day and go for 100 burpees, chances are you will skip the rest of the week’s workout. So, try to set goals which are achievable & will not make you feel like a failure.


Example :

Eating out once a week, instead of three times a week

Working out  10 minutes a day then gradually progressing to 20, and 30 minutes respectively after the gap of a week or 10 days. Tiny steps will help you get there much faster.


Eat Clean

Now this does not mean that you just eat kale & grilled fish. Well, I can’t profess what I don’t eat. Eat clean, which to me means: Stay away from fried, sugary and eat whole foods. Do not deprive yourself of foods; this will ultimately make you fall off the wagon. 

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Make it a lifestyle change

Well, what does this mean? This means, no more fretting when you go out with your friends and date nights. How much you eat- is controlled by you.

There will be “ food pushers” yes but I use a trick. (Are you interested to know the trick? Join my mailing list now!) 

Also, I would insist to not go zero carbs. Yes, the results will be quick, but if you start reaching out for chips and even chapatti later, your waistline is under danger of being bloated. And, yes you WILL gain the weight again.


Its 100 % Diet and 100% workout

Give your best to both the avenues. Workout, and sweat out. But, also continue to eat clean.

Working out is important, and you can even do the same without joining a gym or any fitness gurus. Youtube has a lot of workouts.

But, remember it’s always better to get your form checked before you actually sign up for any activity. 


Cheat Meals

According to me, every day should be good enough, so that you do not need to cheat meals or days. It’s very easy to spiral out of control, and your cheat day can become a cheat week.

This has happened to me more than once. So the only solution, I feel, it has to be that you do not deprive yourself. Deprivation ultimately leads to binge-eating.


Deprivation leads to binge

This is but true. Just imagine a scenario: the entire week you went carbs free, you worked out like crazy. Comes the weekend, and you dive into that double cheese pizza and an oreo shake. Now, compare this to eating a balanced diet, a whole week, with making few easy swaps. This won’t make you feel like the weekend is here for binging. Example: instead of having pizza on the pizza base, use wholemeal bread or tortillas. The taste is the same, but you save so many calories.


Clocking steps

so, if you have been following me on the gram, you know it’s been hard for me to make it to 6000 steps. And, that’s cause after a sedentary lifestyle for 3 months it gets hard.

Now, it is very easy to THINK that hey let’s do 10K steps daily, but it’s not easy for everyone. (me included) I want to do something, that can be done easily for the rest of my life. Refer to point number 4.  If you can easily do the 10K steps, yay, but if not please do not kill yourself over it. Remember Rome was not built in a day. 

You can buy a Fitbit or download an app for steps on your smartphone.

Daily workout vs- Alternate Days

Well, once again this is up to you.  There are days when we feel it’s ok to skip a day, and then there are days, where you will feel this energy to workout daily.  Both are ok, and You should do WHAT makes you feel fit


Example: I plan to do cardio thrice a week, and thrice a week strength training. On ST days, my step counts will be low, but it’s ok.  Building it slow is the key to long-term endurance


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Now, you can enrol yourself under the best people & still not lose an inch. (been there) so, I will tell you the TRUTH now. YOU  are what matters.

If  YOU WANT it bad enough, you WILL go for it. No matter what. No skipping it due to being on your period or because it’s raining or because you’ve got to get to that birthday party.

This is what I have learnt in my years of staying fit, gaining weight and starting the journey again. 


Ultimately it DOES boil down to how badly you want it. So the question is, are you up for it?

I hope you enjoyed the post, and watch out for the next post on the series, where I will share some tips on motivation.


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