Top Tips To Say Goodbye To Your Musty Feet

Our feet go through a lot each day: You clean them in a hot shower, squeeze them into stiff shoes where they stay tucked for 10 hours, and then you lace up your sports shoes for a run or training session. By evening, they’re sweaty as hell.


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How important is it to take care of your feet?

As we never forget to brush our teeth, always remember that you shouldn’t forget about your feet too. Follow these simple steps to keep your feet healthy and fresh:

  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes as it might hurt your feet. Check your correct shoe size before buying shoes to avoid such situations.
  • Keep a habit of checking your feet for cuts, sores, infected toenails, and swelling.
  • Moisturize your feet daily with lotion, cream or petroleum jelly.
  • Always trim your toenails straight across with a nail clipper. Smoothen the corners by using an emery board or nail filer.


Foot Problems


Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are thick, hard patches of skin on your feet. One may notice pain when they wear shoes or while walking. Corns usually form on top of the foot or sometimes on a toe while calluses appear on the bottom of the foot.


Caused Due to:

  • Rubbing
  • Wearing tight shoes
  • High pressure on the foot
  • Performing a sports activity like running


Shoe Bite

All of us love to buy and wear new shoes, but we get disappointed once we get a shoe bite. To avoid getting a shoe bite, you can try the following tricks:


  • Put essential oil before wearing the new shoes
  • Apply cream or powder
  • Wear a socks sleeve pad


Tan Marks

No one loves those disgusting tan marks on their feet. Especially when the tan leaves those sandal-shaped marks on the feet. To avoid these instances from occurring, you can always use cream and moisturiser. This helps in nourishing your feet and keeping it soft. 


Bad Odour

The bad odour usually arises due to sweaty feet.  Also, all of us hate the smell of bad odour that comes from wearing shoes for a long time. It is very unhygienic and can lead to many foot-related problems as well.  Anyone can get sweaty feet, regardless of the temperature or the weather.


What can cause sweaty feet:

  • If you wear tight shoes
  • If you have any medical conditions like hyperhidrosis.
  • If you have a lot of stress


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So, with Zeolite foot spray, give your feet that perfect treatment that it deserves and say goodbye to your musty feet.



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.