Today’s guest post, is by Reshma, who is an amazing you tuber. She has lost 40 kilos, and shares how she did it and continues to stay fit & healthy!   You can follow heron, twitter , Instagram and I’m also linking her you tube channel. You can also add her on Snap-chat( @reshma_badi)

Thank you so much Reshma, for doing this post:)

I have grown up being overweight, tried everything possible to lose weight, nothing worked. Until I realized there are absolutely no shortcuts and eating right and working out regularly is the only way.      Me, being a biotechnologist, from science background, it became easier to educate myself everything from health to nutrition.

I was fortunate enough to find a good trainer at the beginning and he told me about weight training. Me being a bio-technologist, from science background it became easier to uneducated everything from health and nutrition.

I just started working out twice a day, i did count everything that I ate. MAINTAINING A DAIRY, that helped me a lot.

In a span of about 2 years, I ended up losing 40+ kgs. Started with 115.8kgs, now at 70kgs.

2016 was a little rough, as I  met with an injury in September-2015 and was on bed rest till Jan 2016.

Once that was done I had my Master’s in biotechnology to complete. Couldn’t progress much last year. But i’m back on track now.

There are ups and downs, and there is nothing bad to feel about it. Its part of life.

You shouldn’t be disheartened if you don’t progress. If you eat clean and workout, you are still improving in some or the other way.


I emphasize on weight training with a balance of cardio. But any physical activity is just fine to lose weight. I love lifting heavy weights.

How to start your weight-loss journey?

Few things you need to consider when you are just starting to get into this lifestyle, and that is go slow. Understanding your body will take time. Do not trust the trainers blindly. You don’t need supplements or fat burners at the beginning.

The first important step is to be consistent and then expect results. Every body is different, do not compare your results with your friend’s results. Diets available on internet shall work, but they are crash and you might end up gaining weight back. So be sensible enough to understand that nothing is going to help you lose weight or get fit apart from eating right and working out.

The last statement, JITNI MEHNAT, UTNA RESULT. 🙂



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