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Hi, there I go by Z!  You know how we all paint a rosy picture in our social media? Well, this place is just the opposite. I am so real, that sometimes even my husband gets tired of me. Well, at times my own realities give me a headache, so it’s not his fault 😉
I started this blog, for my weightless journey accountability. But, this blog is about so much more.
I have done a few reviews and giveaways of a few products and I also write for womensweb.
Few Facts About Me

  1. I call myself the Queen, of my immediate family–> two boys +1 man and me = Makes me the queen!
  2. Weight-loss- won’t lie. Weight-loss is not as easy as it seems. But, it is possible. And, it’s ok to have a cheat meal. Or a day. Or a week. 
  3. OK, not all of point two is correct.
  4. I have VERY curly hair. 
  5. I love to travel
  6. I got married very young. And, people still whisper, even though it been long.
  7. I am not perfect.
  8. I am worried, that if I don’t take control my before picture could become the after!  


That’s all for now!  Stay tuned! 🙂

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