I have been a fitness enthusiast, for quite a while now. Whether it’s going for a run, doing cardio or just taking the stairs instead of the elevators, I like to be accountable. Despite the various apps I have had on my phone, nothing compares to my smartwatch.  I also find the smart cameras a very good option, when I’m outdoors for the run. It helps me keep tabs on the activities at home when I’m absent.

But, today let us just focus on the smart wearable on your wrist, and let’s talk about the camera another day.

A smart wearable has actually become the reason that I always try to walk extra, whenever possible. And, it is actually helping me lead a healthier lifestyle. Let me explain about this in detail.

 Top Reasons To Own A Smartwatch


  • Personalised Health Tracking – As mentioned, I do have a gazillion of apps downloaded on my smartphone, but nothing compares to the first-hand health tracking I get to derive from my smartwatch. We need to enter our weight, height, age and the watch comes up with what your target steps should be. And, also how many floors do I need to climb, on a daily basis.


  • Pushes Me More – I mentioned, that at times its only due to my smart watch’s readings that I might walk an extra mile, or take a long flight of stairs. When the watch read, 8K steps done, and only 2K steps to reach the daily goal, I feel very pumped up. In fact, at times I also walk in my bedroom to finish my daily goal.
Reasons To Invest In Smartwatch
  • Convenient – Now, who doesn’t like to have convenience? Not only does your start watch record your steps, but it also can be used as your phone. Read your texts, answer calls. And, that too without being labelled as a phone junkie 😉

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  • Inexpensive –There are a lot of smartwatches available in the market, and a smartwatch is not really expensive now. You can choose from a lot of variety. You can have a look at smart wearables here.



  • It’s Cool To Own One – And, it does not matter if you follow the herd. Everyone has a cell phone, right? So, do not feel any less cool, and go for the smartwatch. You know you want it!  You can also find a few fancy ones, in case you like everything blingy..


Reasons To Invest In Smartwatch


  • Connect Easily To Wifi – Your smartwatch is, of course, easy to connect with wifi. Hence, it helps you read texts, WhatsApp messages. However, you do not need wifi for tracking the fitness bit.


Some More  benefits Of A Smartwatch

Almost all the smartwatches are waterproof, so that’s a winner.

You can play your favourite games right on your wrist.

Music, movies, podcasts are all there on the smartwatch.

And, of course, it does motivate you to take a walk when you have been sedentary for too long.


My main aim was to just use it for fitness, but needless to say, I enjoy tweeting and checking my WhatsApp on it as well. That too, on the go. It’s kind of relaxing to not use the phone all the time. 


Do you own a smartwatch? How many steps do you aim in a day? Everyone should aim for at least 6,000 steps a day, to maintain their current weight.



Fitness trackers or smartwatches, are the need of the day. Read now to know, why should a smartwatch be in your to buy list. #Smartwatch #Fitnessbands #wristbands #sports #amp#outdoors
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