Healthcare facilities are booming these days, as the importance of good health facilities is evident more than ever. Although hospitals are extremely important, the healthcare experience especially in India can be further streamlined.

With the transition to the new normal post lockdown, we are all making changes to our lifestyles including wearing masks, avoiding unessential human interaction, and social distancing. At the same time, we must also consider what changes we must make to our healthcare preferences. For the countless changes taking place in the world, health insurance is a must in these uncertain times.

Another industry rising from the aftermath of the lockdown is telemedicine, for it has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. I will elaborate on a specific telemedicine app (ILTakeCare) in just a moment. But with hospitals and other healthcare institutions becoming high-risk areas, telemedicine is the best alternative to a traditional consultation.

We can start by taking care of ourselves and family members by ensuring that we are eating well and not exposing ourselves to unnecessary infections.

Today, I will be also be sharing the top four issues related to healthcare and how they can be addressed to create a better healthcare experience. 

Before, I begin I wanted to stress upon how important it is to take care of ourselves, especially right now. 

Everything begins at home, and we can try to frame our lives in a healthy and positive way. We can include all high immunity-boosting foods, in our diet. Besides, working out can be a good way to feel the endorphins rush and add some positivity to your day. 

How to make health care experiences easier, especially during these times.

1.No wait times

If you do need to step out, then the waiting time should be as minimal as possible, there should be an hourly gap between patients. One can also, try to make the waiting time in the car, and once ready give them a phone call.


PS: sanitizers, gloves should be accessible.


2.Building a digital presence

In this day and age, an online presence is non-negotiable. With the lockdown, we have been advised to practice social distancing. So, healthcare institutions can consider developing an application, where appointments can be booked, and some frequently asked questions answered, etc. This application can also help in spreading out appointment times thus reducing wait times and reducing risk of hospital-acquired infections.


ILTakeCare is one such app that will certainly enhance the healthcare experience. It helps to answer all queries in just a single click. All you have to do is log in on to app &  get access to features like:

  1. Tele-consultation with an MBBS doctor, 24×7
  2. Smoother & quick claim intimation on app
  3. E-card – digital policy card
  4. Ordering medicines on app

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3. Collecting patient feedback anonymously

This may help improve the experience in more than one way. An online survey can be created, or a simple text message will suffice.

4. Having a Social Media Presence

Another important aspect, especially during these lockdown times is having a social media presence. Everyone is super active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook nowadays.

Not only can institutions showcase their facilities, but they can also directly take feedback on twitter and even share the latest in medical news.

They can even go live with specialists and address certain topics, for example the importance of immunity during these days. Or, how to wean off your baby. 





Keeping in mind the quarantine situation, the need for applications to smoothen the healthcare experience is more apparent than ever. Even, after the lockdown is eased, we need to practice social distancing strictly and for this; apps like “ILTakeCare” will help tremendously to Restart Right.

A partial shift to telemedicine will be an extremely welcome change so that non-essential visits to the hospital can be minimized.

Of course, these tips will especially help to streamline healthcare experiences in India. 


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts are the authors’ own. Please read the full disclaimer.