Hygiene is something that we should follow everywhere. We should ensure that our kids are following hygienic habits. Hygiene is something that comes easy if we practice from a young age. A clean and hygienic surrounding and lifestyle is a haven for happiness
and peace. Also, as parents, it’s our job to make sure that our child is emotionally happy, and does not feel upset when we educate them about hygiene. If you are wondering what hygiene habits to teach children in India, here are 5 simple yet important hygiene habits they can easily follow:

5 hygiene habits to teach and learn with your child

1.Keeping Hands Clean

Teach your child about the importance of washing hands, whenever necessary- before eating, after play, etc. Also, as parents, it’s a top priority to check that their nails are trimmed and clean. You can even make it fun for them by setting a timer or practicing handwashing before and after their meals or drinking their favorite glass of PediaSure.

2. Baths

Children can get fussy about baths at times. Try making bath time fun with their favorite bubble bath, bath toys, and maybe even some bath-time rhymes to make it entertaining. Amidst the fun teaching them shampooing, rinsing, and also saving water!

3. Oral Hygiene

Brushing teeth twice a day is very important for dental and oral hygiene. Children tend to snack a lot and even though baby teeth fall off eventually practicing proper oral hygiene from childhood is a very good habit. Teach them to brush the right way. At the beginning of the course, we can help them do it and later on supervise as they learn.

4. Eating and Sleeping hygiene

We must always be conscious of our eating habits. Eating unhealthy food and not having a structured meal plan is not good for growing children. It can lead to various other problems such as stomach pains, low energy levels. If they are craving some junk, you can cook for them. Try and make every snack healthy too. There are several ways you can do that. Fruit salads, puddings with a scoop of PediaSure in it are an innovative way to make a dessert healthy and yummy! Sleep too is also something that should have a schedule. Sleep is the time when our body cells regenerate and we should teach kids how sleeping helps them remain bright and energized. Balanced meals and balanced sleep habits are important for children’s well-being.

5. Home and personal hygiene

We often overlook this aspect of hygiene, but proper etiquette is a part of hygiene too! Children should be taught the importance of wearing clean and presentable clothes every day, put away toys and books after using them, keeping their surroundings neat, throwing garbage in the bin, putting away their dishes in the sink, etc. These are small habits that we can help them with if they are too young to do it on their own. But inculcating these simple cleanliness habits can do wonders in the long run!

Be a Role Model

Children always look up to their parents and emulate them.
So, we need to make sure that we are doing more than just educating.
For example, just before serving them meals, you go and wash your hands and involve
them as well. Help them put away their toys after playing. Make your bed and let them
watch and help you.
What they see, they learn.
It’s really about leading with example. So, these are my easy hygiene habits that you
can teach your child.
The more we do to take care of a young age, the better. What we can do is guide our
child to the best of our abilities.


Hygiene Habits For Kids
Hygiene Habits For Kids


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