Ensuring overall development of your child 

When parents are working from home and kids are having online classes, no school, no sports, or any other physical activities happen. At home, they are hooked to gadgets, either for their online classes or for entertainment. This is not good for their health, as most of the moms may agree with me. We need to figure out a way to increase the physical activity of kids at home ensuring overall development of your child.

Tips to ensure kids #GrowRight 

1. Have a talk with them. Explain why it’s necessary and what are the health benefits of staying active.

2. Find a fun way to do some physical activity at home like some light exercise, yoga, dancing, etc. Kids enjoy dance and some yoga may sound fun as well.

3. Set a routine and make a time for it. Practising at the same time, you and your child can do it together! This way it will become a habit for them! And, you as well 🙂

4. Needless to say, be a role model, set your example, for them to follow. If parents exercise with kids, kids start emulating. 

5. Ask them to help you with household chores, like some cleaning, chopping, fire less cooking (if they can) etc. This will help to bring discipline and will keep them engaged and active. 

These are just a few ways to keep them active. Apart from this giving them the right food is important too. We need to give them a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables should be included in their meals, for sure! But usually, kids are not very keen on the same. They try to avoid it and order junk food. We cannot completely deny them their favorite food, it is necessary to control it. Once in a while having pizzas & burgers are okay, but not regularly.

Key point for development of child
For healthy growth and development, a child needs a balanced diet.
With foods from all groups like carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, little fat, etc. Usually, we don’t put emphasis on micronutrients (like Zinc, Magnesium, etc) which are needed in small quantities but are very essential for a child’s healthy growth.

Many kids are fussy eaters and they do not want to eat healthy food like vegetables or pulses. This causes a deficiency of nutrients in their body. To fulfil this deficiency, we can give them some supplements with milk.

4 pillars of a child’s growth are

1. Right Nutrition
2. Right Play
3. Right Nurture
4. Right Impact 

To have the right nutrition we need to give them a healthy diet along with some good supplements like PediaSure. With 37 nutrients, macronutrients, micronutrients, it’s a complete supplement that improves immunity and promotes growth in kids.

As a parent, we need to give them the right nutrition (healthy diet), right play (active lifestyle), right nurture (love and affection), and the right impact (good upbringing). This would also help in their personality development apart from healthy growth. 

Applying all the four pillars of growth can help them grow in the right way. Monitoring the growth of the kids and consistently keeping a track of their growth, using a scientific way consists for a huge part of the right growth.


While I used traditional ways of marking the wall and taking photos at every milestone, PediaSure has introduced a Grow Right Tracker that can be used to track if your child has reached the appropriate milestones and is growing as per their age. When you maintain a balance in nutrition, play, emotional and physical well-being, I am pretty sure the tracker will assure you of a healthy report. It is downloadable and can be used to craft your kid’s routine in the best possible way. As for me this is the #FirstStepToGrowRight to attain all four pillars of growth and thereby overall development. 

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