Twice the cuddles, twice the joy, and twice the love. When I got to know that I am carrying twins, I was happily nervous. Nobody prepares you to be a mother, it is a never-ending learning process filled with all kinds of experiences. And when you realize you’re carrying twins, it gets overwhelming, as taking care of twins is different from raising a single newborn. I was constantly on my toes. But I enjoyed every bit of it.
I also learned that I have to take care of myself a little more and put myself first. Over time my instincts guided me, and things were very much in control once I listened to the little voice in me.

Twin Mom Survival Guide – Have twice the fun!!

Twin Mom Survival Guide

Coordinated Routines

Initially, days are tough to set up a schedule that matches both the babies. I was sorted after the first month after I started feeding them together. This makes things easier as it leads to the same sleeping time and same feeding time. And I utilize my time by doing the things I love when they sleep.

Equal Attention

Both of them are born at the same time – but are two different individuals. Give equal attention to their individual needs and give both of them a fair share of your time and care. It is fascinating to watch them blossom into their own personalities. 

Be prepared for comparison by others

No matter how much you try to protect them, society will start comparing them against each other and you as a mom. From questions about delivery to breastfeeding to dressing them, it is a never-ending list. Be calm and ignore the outside noises and follow your instincts. Initially, it used to bug me a lot, but I figured out that it is my kids and my world, and it is me who is going to raise them and nurture them. The opinions will never stop, and I would be stuck if I cared about them.

Find humor and help

The starting phase of taking care of two newborns is exhausting and can lead to postpartum depression. Whenever I used to feel low, I thought about the moms who were raising triplets or quadruplets. It is funny but it gives you the power to think positively. Also, don’t shy away from asking for help. Find your support system and you will realize that it is not that difficult. I also invested in baby essentials which made the whole journey very smooth and easy. 

A happy mom has happy babies

It is extremely important to take care of your health – physical as well as mental. Do things you enjoy. Find time for yourself and divide responsibilities. It takes smart time management. I used to read books while pumping milk, called my salon lady home for a pamper session whenever I needed and as a couple, we made a rule of going on a date every 15 days leaving the kids with grandparents. Do not forget your needs while taking care of the kids. This kept me happy and positive, and I could pass on the positive energy to my kids as well. 

Trust that #SahiWaliFeeling

I believe that every mom has this inner voice that guides her to take care of her babies. Always listen to the #SahiWaliFeeling. The trust and assurance your kids instill in you and the love they shower you with, make you believe that you are doing the right thing. This #SahiWaliFeeling campaign by Huggies really struck a chord with me, mostly because when you’re a mother, you often end up doubting yourself for every decision you make. But it’s important to remind yourself that you need to trust your motherly instincts and realize that you do know what is best for your child. And I’m so glad that this #SahiWaliFeeling of trust and care is celebrated by Huggies, which is one of my favourite brands. I relied on Huggies diapers throughout, and it is also the one thing I recommend to every new mom. Celebrating the struggles and doubts of every new mom, Huggies encourages you to listen to your instincts and know that every Mumma has a #SahiWaliFeeling.

And for twin moms like me, cherish this joyride and enjoy every moment of it. My kids have had each other and me for a lifetime, what more could I ask for! And remember, it is twice the efforts, twice the struggles but it is always twice the fun! I hope you liked the article Twin Mom Survival Guide.