As a fitness and health blogger, I have talked extensively about how you can stay fit, healthy and strong on my blog. The festivities and year-end are almost here and I was going through my Instagram feed looking for inspiration for my next post when I realized that though we might have made a lot of changes in our lifestyle and subscribed to health programs, we sometimes miss out on the basics.

What do I mean when I say basics? I mean exercising, watching what you eat, taking care of your micronutrient intake, not sitting long hours of the day, etc. One such element that I’ll be talking about in detail today is the micronutrient Vitamin C.

Before I tell you how you can add it your diet, let me first share some trivia around Vitamin C.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is essential in our daily diet[1]. This vitamin can help boost our immune system and protect our cells against damage. Vitamin C is water-soluble and is involved in many bodily functions, including the formation and maintenance of bones, skin, and blood vessels. This essential vitamin also promotes wound healing. Adding vitamin C-rich foods to your diet is one of the best ways to improve your immunity.[2]

5 Easy Ways to Include Vitamin C in Daily Diet

Vitamin C in Daily Diet, include Ways to Include Vitamin C in Daily Diet
Ways to Include Vitamin C in Daily Diet

And now for the part that’s really interesting: how you can include Vitamin C in your daily diet.

1. Eat the rainbow

The more colors on your plate the better. Bright juicy fruits like oranges, kiwis, guavas, strawberries are a rich source of Vitamin C. Two servings of citrus fruits in a day can keep Vitamin C levels in check.[3]

2. Chew those veggies

Yes, while we might be eating all things right, if not chewed properly, the nutrients might not get released properly.[4] Vegetables like bell peppers and broccoli contain a good amount of Vitamin C[5]

3. Become friends with gooseberry

Gooseberry or amla is full of Vitamin C.[6] Incorporating amla in raw, dried, or powdered form is one the easiest ways to include Vitamin C in a daily diet.

4. Choose fortified cereals.

Cereals usually lack Vitamin C but Fortified Cereals contain added vitamins and minerals. So, the next time you go grocery shopping, check the packaging.[7]

5. Boost Immunity With Limcee

Sometimes, natural sources are not sufficient to fulfill the Vitamin C requirements, additional dosage can be taken by consulting a qualified doctor or physician. Limcee Vitamin C chewable 500mg tablet can be taken to increase the Vitamin C levels in your body.

Vitamin C is a micronutrient so its content varies in different food items. It is important to build and sustain a strong immune system to fight and win against uncalled conditions.

A healthy lifestyle cannot be built in a single day or week. It takes persistent efforts and a shift of belief. Today we spoke about how you can include Vitamin C in your diet. I would be happy if all of us start reading labels, making the right food choices and working toward being healthier. Keep an eye on my blog for more such health-related conversations.


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