I have been blogging so much  IN MY HEAD lately, and I thought maybe I should just pen (type) it down already!!!!

It has been a very busy month for me. For one..I had my 16th birthday :P’ 

I got two different cakes, as I celebrated with my parents (after ages) and back at home too.

I remember how much my original  blog meant to me, and I had to restart due to some privacy issues.
I’m trying to get that ‘feel’back-cos God knows I used to keep going on and on.

I have gained a few kilos–but this time I plan to keep them off forever.
I lose the same weight year after year & it has exhausted me to be honest!

I’m trying to be REALLY positive รงos if I don’t I may just feel comfortable with piling on and making truce with it.

Well, thats all from me, how are you all??? Whats happening on your side of the pond??