Month: April 2017

Letter Z

Letter Z stands for Zeal Zeal is the real deal! Anything we do in life, will be challenging. Losing weight is also nothing less. There will be hurdles and more hurdles. Times, will come where you lose weight fast, and there will also be a […]

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Letter Y

Letter Y stand for YouTube  YouTube is just such a blessing. Not only, can you learn how to cook, or do make up but also learn the correct ways to workout, diet etc. Below I share with you, some of my favorite weight loss,  and […]

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Letter X

Letter X stands for going the  X-tra mile How to get in few x-tra steps a day? If you want to sneak in some extra ways to be active, or just want to be active in general you can try the following. Personally, whenever I’m […]

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Letter W

Letter W stands for Water Water is your best friend if you are looking to look lose some vanity pounds or just pounds in general! Or, just beautify yourself 😉 I have seen humongous changes in my body weight,when  I consume more water. Water, helps […]

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Letter V

Letter V stands for  Variety Variety is the spice of life ! So, it only makes sense to have new food items to your  diet, and add fresh workouts to your regimen every time you can. Try a Zumba class instead of the regular walk […]

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Letter U

Letter U stands for  Ultimate Goal Weight  After so many years in this journey I have realized that I need to have an ultimate goal weight, and that change once it has been achieved ( if needed).   Example current weight – 66 kilos Mini […]

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Letter T 

Letter T stand  for To Keep Trying I hate to admit it, but it’s been about three to four years since I started my weight loss journey! For some reason, it just doesn’t seem to end! The million dollar question : why? For beginners, I […]

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Letter S 

S stands for  Spark People Do you remember Katie from the M for motivation post? Well I found her on Spark People! Spark people is a free website, where you can join millions of others and lose weight. The support system is unique and the […]

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Letter R

R stands for Rest Days Rest days are really important. We need to listen to our body, and when it says STOP  we certainly should! 208 total views, 2 views today Please follow and like us:

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Letter Q 

Letter Q  – Quick Work Out? I certainly don’t think, that there are quick ways to lose weight, but I do think you can do quick workouts. When you start with quick workouts, you are forming a practise to start working out. I have said […]

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