Australia offers so much that it's difficult to sum it all up in one go. From desert outback to
jungle to mountain ranges, verdant valleys and coastal treks, Australia really does have it all.
Whether you are looking for a short break or the road trip of a lifetime, Australia has many locations that are more than worthy of your bucket list.

5 Adventure holidays to try out in Australia

To help you plan your own adventure in
Australia, here are five adventures for intrepid travellers:

1. The ultimate road trip

This really is a once in a lifetime trip, as it involves driving around the perimeter of the whole
continent. It's the best way to make sure you don't miss anything and really enjoy everything
Australia has to offer. Totalling over 15,000 kilometres, the quickest you can make this circuit is
in one month, but it's suggested you take your time to really take in the sights. If you do decide
to go down this route, make sure you heed the Secret Traveller’s advice on how to avoid driving

2. Take a trip to Tasmania

The island of Tasmania truly is a beautiful part of Australia to tour and should be a holiday in its
own right. There's so much to do that you could happily spend a few weeks there, but to make
the trip a quicker one zip around in the car, stopping at places like Port Arthur, Wineglass Bay
and Table Mountain. If you fancy something more active, get some bikes and make it a family
cycling holiday.

3. Head for Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is in the Tasman Sea, around 600km from the Australian mainland. The
population of Lord Howe Island is around 360 and the island is kept quiet by a stipulation that no
more than 400 tourists may visit at any one time. Most of the population lives in the north and
much of the rest of the island is a virtually untouched, pristine forested ecosystem which
supports many plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the world.
The island also has the world's southernmost barrier coral reef, and along the island's west coast
you will find a sandy and sheltered coral reef lagoon. Here you can kayak, snorkel, dive, surf, or
sail on a yacht. Cycling is the main means of transport on the island. For a bit of a challenge,
why not attempt the eight-hour hike up Mount Gower, the highest peak on the island?

4. While away some time on the Whitsunday great walk

Some people run this 28km long great walk in a few hours while others take their time and do it
in a few days. However you choose to do it and however long you take, you will never forget the
lushness and dangling vines, or the wildlife, which includes wallabies and vivid blue Ulysses

5. Discover the Kimberly from the air

The Kimberly is a popular tourist destination, but in such a large and wild area it is relatively
easy to escape the crowds and enjoy the natural beauty undisturbed. The Bungle Bungle range is
a popular place to visit, either by car or on a hike, and Gibb Road is another popular route.
People also enjoy tours of the Horizontal Waterfalls, a natural phenomenon where tidal waters
are forced through two narrow gorges.
But to appreciate its scale and get an overview, the best way to see this landscape is probably
from the air, on a tour by plane, or helicopter. It is only from above that the sheer enormity of
this wild landscape can truly be appreciated.


There is so much to see and do in Australia that these adventures barely scratch the surface.
Hopefully, you now have plenty of inspiration to get going!



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