I started blogging back in 2012, on blogger and continued for two years! Then, back in 2014 I wanted a new start and started blogging on WordPress.
AgreeD, it takes a little time to get used to it, but it was super good!!! 

I was pretty happy, but then blogging took a backseat.
Then, after 6 months I started this current blog. (I know my third one!!!)
Anyways, I recently got an iPhone and it does not have any blogger app. I usually blog from my cell phone & decided that I may need to switch to word press. 

For now I have downloaded the word-press app and, I’m composing my posts there, and then pasting them here when I log on.

Once, I understand W-P a little better I might even start posting just there. ?But, blogger is my first love!
Here is a sneak-peek of my post there LOL>> Link

However, I’m not super tech savvy, and cannot possibly transfer all the data from here!!! 

Pros and cons

  • Blogger is super easy, a fourth grader could make an account and blog away. With WP, he will might need some adult assistance.
  • When you hit reply, on WP, it shows on your post as well, as it reaches the inbox of the person who posted the comment.
  • This, is a great feature.
  • Just a handful of themes are free, and its costlier to get a face lift for your blog.
  • Blogger is easy, you google and you can edit. WP is fancy. I think I’m not dumb, but WP appeals me, yet intimidates me.
  • You CANNOT copy paste, in wordpress. Well, I couldnt, copy a post from here and paste there!


So what appeals you more? Would you consider switching to WP or vice-versa?