I’m a stay at home mom and it’s not possible for me to go to the gym every day. But this does not mean that it’s impossible to stay fit at home. It’s very simple to workout at home, and lose weight, whatever  your goal maybe.


What  you need to workout at home

If you are absolutely serious about the fitness business, then you might have to spend some dough. But, as I always say there is no better investment then investing in health. But, don’t lose heart if you are on a budget. I will share a few alternatives with you as well.


Woman stretching during workout at home


What I did to workout at home :


1) Treadmill

I invested in a treadmill, with an incline feature. The incline feature makes our workout a little more challenging and in return fruitful.


2) SmartWatch

Well, what fun is a workout if you can’t see the number of calories you have burned?  As the treadmills result may vary depending on your height, weight a smartwatch is ideal to see this. Calories burnt, kilometres done. Etc



3) Kettle Bells

IIt’sonly essential to add some sort of strength training to your fitness regime. This not only time sour body but also make sour bones stronger. I take help of YouTube videos to do these workouts.


4) Good Pair Of Shoes 

I needed to make sure that my shoes are comfortable to make the running and walking easy.  


5) Track Pants

Its’ easy to give in and workout in pajamas  at home. Guilty as charged. But, this blocks the flexibility of your body. So, investing in a good pair of track pants is always wise.


6) Yoga Mat 

Many of us ignore the mat, and use a towel or a bedsheet instead. But, yoga mat is as important as the rest of the items.


7) Entertainment 

At times I listen to music and at times it’s all about TV shows for me. I try to watch my favourite shows when, the workout is longer, just to not get bored easily.





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These are my tools for my home workout zone, it absolutely doesn’t mean that everyone needs the same things.  But, in case you decide to purchase any of the above here are the details :

You can do online shopping,  nowadays, and that’s the advantage of living in these times. Myntra.com has the best of smart watches, shoes and track pants options.


I would recommend buying the treadmill and kettle bells from a store.

Now, if you do not want to spend much, then instead of a treadmill you can opt for  walking outdoors. If that’s not your cup of tea, then there are a zillion of walking workouts available online.

You can always use water bottles instead of, kettle bells. As long as it’s filled 😉

I insist on using the the smart watch and track pants. Smart watch will help you gauge your progress. Working out in normal clothes, might induce rashes due to sweat stimulation.  So, it’s a good idea to, buy proper track pants specially.



Disclaimer: This is  a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.