When I was a little girl, I loved when my papa got to be ‘my mom’ for the day. It certainly meant more coke, chips and TV!!!! (I’m talking about the 90’s 😉 )

So, if my husband was to play mommy for the day I think I can imagine how much my kids would enjoy 🙂

1. There would be no rules. The towel would sit on the floor after the boys take a shower.

2. Then once, the breakfast is over, which of course would be waffles (my husband is a great cook) they would all sit and play bluff. Oh, and the kitchen could still be messy!

3. Then the real fun starts. They would go on a drive to play Pokemon Go & catch Pokemons. And, I’m not there to object or nag so it just got better 😛

Now, lets focus on some other things:

My husband, gives them tasks: they can write a poem, or be crafty or just an essay. They have to ‘think’.

To be honest, my kids are really happy when they are with their father. They do fun things sure, but they also get some enriching experiences.

They would enjoy but wold also learn some new things 🙂


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