Today is the last post, for ‘Workout Wednesday’. I give you Michelle, who is PT and calisthenics coach.  So, enjoy and dont forget to checkout her Instagram (michp_t) page, to see how amazing she is! Thankyou Michelle, I’m truly honored that you wrote for my blog!


If you were to look through my social media accounts you would see someone who is strong, confident and hopefully very happy. Just like everyone in the world, I have developed and grown into this woman and most certainly wasn’t always the little bundle of energy that I have proudly become.

My fitness journey only really started in my late 20’s when I took up running; starting with 5kms races stretched to 10km, then shortly after I signed up to London Marathon which truly sparked my interest to switch careers from a 9-5 office job and become a personal trainer. Flash forward circa 5 years later and I compete in Strongwoman events, live for Calisthenics and challenging my body! I have a passion for all things active and fitness related and truly enjoy trying new things when ever possible!

I was very flattered to be asked to write this guest blog, writing doesn’t come naturally to me but one of my goals is to get out of my comfort zone and perhaps start a blog of my own. As I trainer I hope to inspire, motivate and educate those around me to live a happier, healthier and more confident life…and blogging is most definitely a modern way to make that happen.

Starting anything is always tough! If you are completely new to fitness and have no idea where to begin these would be my top tips, they may sound simple and perhaps that’s because really they are. We don’t need to complicate things, life is already complicated enough!

1. Move. Yes, just get moving. Walk when ever you can, it is the most underrated for of exercise. Some of my clients use a set count app, we have weekly targets to achieve and I assure you it makes a difference.

2. Baby steps. Don’t try to change everything at once. Yes you might be eating ALL the wrong things but that doesn’t mean you need to cut everything out at once. For example, start small by listing 5 things you eat that you know are bad for you…substitute one of them for something slightly healthier for 2 weeks (biscuit for fruit) then add in one of the other items (soft drinks for water) and continue to add until you have substituted all five things. Then you start a new list and the process all over again which makes changes manageable.

3. Set goals. Set goals which are achievable and give yourself a time frame. Try to have more than one goal, especially if it’s weight orientated. I encourage everyone to choose something which is skill, strength or fitness orientated so that they do not fixate on weight/fat loss. When we focus on the other goals weight/fat loss happens naturally. For example, running/walking a distance for time, completing full press ups or pull ups, learning an elbow lever or handstand, I also have clients learning the Turkish Get Up at the moment.

4. Enjoy it! By choosing an activity or training you enjoy you are far more likely to maintain your routine. Make it fun! Train as part of a group or with a friend. Training with a friend also gives you motivation and someone to be accountable to – a little support buddy.

5. Learn. We all have different bodies, what works for Jill may not work for Jane. Experiment with different training methods to see what works for you, keeping in mind that you need to allow at least six weeks for result to be seen…taking me to my final tip…

6. Patience! You’ve heard it before, Rome wasn’t built in a day and anything worth having wasn’t easy. If you put the work in, stay dedicated the rewards will surely follow. It has taken me many fails to get where I am today, I have failed many times but I try to look at the failings as lessons and learn from each.

Leaving you with one of my favourite quotes to ponder: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn