Happy Hump Day friends. 
How have you all been?

I have not been blogging as much- I got busy with final exams of my kids and then I was just blogging in my mind. 😉

The last weekend of March is here, in India it starts tomorrow due  to the much celebrated festival Holi.

And, my husband decided to surprise me and take me on a much needed small getaway. 
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As, both my accounts are private, just send me a request. 

Weight-loss Update

I have not been working out, as I pulled a muscle in my arm and my foot was also swollen. I worked out ‘despite’ and ended up injuring my arm. So, I just had to step away 🙁

My weight is 64.9 kilos(143.08pounds)  I’m not sure when did I last weigh in here 🙁

So, any tips for me to not come back higher by ten pounds?
Something I feel really maks a diffrence is drinking water– It helps me feel so full, and minus the fact that I need to visit the restroom frequently it does help to lose weight.

Happy Easter Friends 🙂