Are you considering to pursue your further education overseas? The real education actually begins when you step out of the comfort of your home.  India has great colleges, but it is still a task to enrol yourself into the cream colleges of the country. And, that’s when the idea of education overseas feels amicable.

A wise man once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Once you decide to travel overseas for further studies, there are arrays of things that you need to consider. Let’s discuss the same in depth below.

Education Overseas Made Easy With #DefinitelyPTE

 Choose your country

The U.S.A  and Canada are one of the top options for Indians if they wish to pursue their studies and education overseas. Although, countries like Dubai, Singapore, Australia and even Europe are widely considered. So depending on your comfort level, opt for what works well for you.

Then, you need to make sure you have a valid passport so that applying for the visa is not a hassle.

How To Apply

This is where The PTE academy or The Pearson Test Of  English Academics comes in.  

They conduct an  English Test which is globally accepted. It is also approved by some top institutions like Harvard’s and Yale.

They have 50 test centres all over the country and you can register online. The fee, for the test, is INR 11,102 (and 18%  G.S.T)

You can prepare for the test using free sample papers,  via their preparation  course . The marking system is fair computer based.  The results are out within five days after you appear for the test. Plus,  a striking feature is that its quick and you can register 24 hours in advance as well.

Also, there is an FAQ section to answer the queries on top of your head. #DefinitelyPTE makes this mammoth of a task for all those planning their education overseas.

The duration of the test is three hours, and is further bifurcated to peaking & Writing, Reading, Listening 

You can read more on their website here.

Where Will You Stay

Accommodation and its expenses can also be a key factor in deciding the country for your overseas education. There is an option of staying on campus or staying in an apartment close to the university. Both have its own perks.  But, you should choose what will fit your budget but also keep you mentally relaxed.

Let us also talk about what are the things you should certainly pack!


Make sure to include all the necessary travel, studies related documents.

It is a good idea to also carry a bunch of your passport size photos, just in case.

Have the photocopy of all your important documents, and keep it safe in a separate folder.

how to mkae your education overseas easier
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Do not throw in all your clothes, just the basics and a few favourite ones.

Power bank for your mobile/iPad

Headphones for your Skype calls and Netflix sessions.

A  positive attitude.

I hope that you have a lovely education overseas and things workout incredibly in your favour. My own brother is studying in America and, the only bonus tip I can share is that you need to be prepared for an experience of a lifetime!

Let me know your thoughts, or if I missed out anything in the packing department.

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