How To Protect Kids From Japanese Encephalitis Virus 

We need to make sure that we know how to protect kids, from the diseases like diarrhea, fever, loose motions, Japanese Encephalitis.  I’m sure after the outrage dengue fever causes you should be aware of the hazards that can be caused by insect and mosquito  bites.

What is Japanese Encephalitis (JE)  

Japanese Encephalitis (JE)  is a diseases which is spread through mosquito bites. The spread of JE has become a serious issue of concern in many Asian Countries.

It tends to affect the  elderly and children the most, specially those who have a weak immunity system.

Japanese Encephalitis is a scary diseases which can even cause the risk of life.

So, it all boils down to keeping not only our homes insect free, but also to ensure that we are not exposed to insects outdoors.


Why Do We Need To Protect Kids

Well, although the risk of JE is definitely a risk to all, our kids are more prone to it.  Like my kids for instance, go to school, where they also play sports and swim. In the evenings they go to the park and play in the dirt and grime. We all know, that the parks have lots of insects and due to this very reason, we need to protect kids even more from the bugs!


7 Smart Way to Protect Kids & Yourself  From Insect Bites

1- Get rid of the bugs!  Seriously, this is so important. The peak time of these insects to come looking for ‘prey’ is dawn or dusk. So make sure  your child is not at the exposed area, during that time. (If Possible)

2-Wearing light colored clothes also has proven to be a great way, to keep the insects away.

3-When the kids go to to school, make sure that you apply GoodKnight (bubblegum flavour) fabric roll on, on their clothes which will repel insects. This world for  8 long hours. So, now your worry of your child not being protected from insects outdoors is also solved.


Fabric Roll On
How To Protect Kids Outdoors

4-You can use GoodKnight patches too when the kids are going to the park to play. These patches are medically safe to use even for little babies. You just need to apply one, and this also works for 8 hours. Another way to keep your child insect-proofed outdoors!


Bug Repellent Patches
How To Protect Kids Outdoors


5- Your home should be clean, and there should be no accumulation of water in the kitchen sinks or the washroom.  Water gives birth to insects!

6- Make use of an effective insect repellent at home,  like GoodKnight Xpress System. This works on a dual system, which means  you can save the extra energy of the repellant for the time of the day when there are more insect.


How To Protect Kids Indoors


7- Make sure your kids are wearing full sleeves and completely avoid wearing shorts during the time when insects are out hunting!

So, those are my tips and tricks on how can you protect kids from the bugs outside and inside the home! Anything I missed? As always please feel free to add on.

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