Summers are here, and it’s time to get rid of the all the food that was stored in the winters 😉 What better time than just after Holi to get into a balanced diet and do some good workouts to help yourself be fit and strong.

So, without wasting much time let’s quickly discuss a few easy ways to help you jump right back on the bandwagon.


5 Easy Ways To Detox After Holi


1- Forget the past – YES. What’s done is done. No matter how many gujiyas you consumed it’s time to relish the memories and not crib. Those moments were memorable, you had the fun. Period. Now, don’t feel guilty and sad. Forgive yourself and flush away the guilt.

2- BFF Water – Now we know water is so much needed to lose weight. It helps you get rid of the bloat. Plus, helps you control the hunger when you are really not hungry just thirsty.  Try to drink a litre of water first thing in the morning. Besides waking you up, it will kick-start your metabolism.

3- Eat Clean But NOT crazy clean – Instead of opting for quick fixes, try to stick to a regime where you do not need to remove a food group. Do not follow fads and make it miserable for you. Chances are, the more restricted the diet, the worse the rebound would be.

4- Workout Daily – Instead of going for longer and tougher workouts try shorter, quicker ones which can be done with ease and consistency. Something that fits your lifestyle and can be done with ease. 

5- Good Nights Sleep – A place where I can certainly improve the most. Being a Netflix buff, I tend to sleep rather late. But, it’s so so important to sleep at least 8 hours a night. Besides, we all know that mobile phones are a habit we all can detox from.


I hope you liked my tips, to detox now. Holi is over & its time to work on ourselves to get ready for the next festivals. Also, be kind to yourself. It helps 🙂 


This post is a part of the #HoliHoppers blog hop hosted by Mandavi  ,   Dipika  ,   Ruchie  ,  Aesha and sponsored by VLCC Beauty Products & Phutawan Thailand


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