Goa is one of the best places to go for a vacation, especially if you crave sun and sand. It’s a hub to many national and international tourists, who pay a visit yearly.

Now, you can actually book a hotel room and stay, so why invest in property?  So, without further ado, let me share my top five tips, of the benefits that you can derive by buying a property in Goa.

Reasons To Invest In A Property In Goa

Five types of homes are popular in the area:

  • Luxury villas
  • Beach houses
  • Old houses
  • Apartments in individual stand-alone constructions
  • Apartments in communities or co-operative societies


Top 5 Reasons Invest In A Property In Goa

I love the idea of investing in a villa. Because honestly there is nothing like a luxurious villa facing the sea. Check out the website Goa Villa Estate


Affordable Prices

The costs of real estate’s are very affordable if you compare to the bigger metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. You can actually, buy an enormous bungalow in the prime area, at a reasonable price. We all like to invest in properties, and Goa might just be the best place.

A Holiday Home

This bungalow can be your weekend getaway, and serve you as the perfect holiday home.  One time investment, but you can access it multiple times. And, that too with everything you need. House help, pool, balcony etc.

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Goa Property Investments

Rent It Out

The months, you are not travelling, do not let the property go waste. Rent it out! There are families who are always, on a lookout for affordable villas, and this will also help you to generate a steady income. You can earn quite a bit, during the year-end. Goa is a very popular destination for New Year’s getaway.


Spike In Property Rates

Gradually, the rates of the property in Goa are rising. If you invest, now you can always sell it off for double the rates. It’s like a win-win.

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Goa Property Investment

Favourable Living Conditions

All the metropolitan cities are now covered with smog, and there is hardly any greenery or fresh air. Fortunately, Goa boasts of both these things.  Taking a short weekend trip is all you would need to charge and rejuvenate your tired cells.

Life in Goa is relaxed and slow.


More Reasons

  • Low Cost Of Living – The basic cost of living is less, compares to most of the places in India.
  • Modern And Green – The catch is that with greenery and the beach Goa has all the things you need in your day to day life. From ATM’s to movie halls, restaurants, nightclubs etc.
  • Friendly People – The people here are friendly and warm. They welcome you to their city with open arms.

Goa can be divided into three parts- north, south and central.  The prices are higher in the north and lower in the south.

What kind of home would you choose to invest in Goa?

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