Oh ! The loveliness.

What does this phrase even mean?

So, here let me spill it out for you. And, once again please do not judge me 😉

10 things that make me feel “lovely” or happy

1- Doing my blog work. 

2-spending quality time with my husband

3- Talking to my kids, asking their advice (basically their point of views) on things.

4- Off late cooking. I’m not a cooking person at all. But, lately, I’m trying to find some joy in it. Blame it on Zomato. My children prefer that Z more. So I thought it’s time to work on my culinary skills.

5- Netflix 😉

6- Voice and video talks with my family (mom, dad, brother) and friends.

7- Praying, being regular.

8- Gratitude

9- Being fit and trying to chase and achieve my goals better

10-  Gifts (receiving or giving)



Planning vacations are one of my favourite things to do, And, that literally helps me look after my fitness goals more.


What I dread:

I hate parlour visits. Agreed, that the end result, makes me a happy girl, but the eyebrows being shaped 😛

I hate the day after a food coma. But, then it takes three days to built up the habit again 🙂


What are your “Oh the loveliness” moments?


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