Waking up with a smile and sleeping with contentment/ is a wonderful feeling, right? And, this comes with happiness!

Don’t we all want this feeling – where nothing’s wrong and all is in the right direction?

As dreamy it may sound, did you know that happiness  is indeed self made. We can learn to smile even at our worst too!


Top Mantras For Happiness

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1- Postivify Your Life – Top Mantras For Happiness

I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s possible. Try to stay away, from all kind of negative space.Even if a book or a TV show pulls your spirits down, step away from that as well! Books and tv shows have more impact on our happiness, as now they are a part of our daily lives!


2- Me Time  – Top Mantras For Happiness

Now, this is not a new thing I know but the right kind of me time will elevate your happiness levels like no other.

Make your alone time about you. It can be an hour a day or an hour every 2 days.  My happy me time is my breakfast when kids leave for school & I tinker around my cell phone.  The silence and the morning just gives me some real positive vibes.

It’s not an hour, just 30 minutes and it totally sets my happy tone for the day.

A happy girl with postie attitude
My Top 5 Mantras For Happiness

3- Declutter – Top Mantras For Happiness

Yes decluttering gives you a feeling of achievement. Declutter, your mind, your home, your car.When our homes get messy, we Declutter and organise- doesn’t that make you feel happy?Similarly, when we declutter our mind a strange feeling of happiness is achieved!


4- Let it go – Top Mantras For Happiness

I do love the song from Frozen, but it’s so much deeper than just being a song! Letting go is not easy, but the freedom & happiness  it would give you, is unimaginable!

I’m a worrier, & constantly worry about kids, life, my parents etc.  I realized that, it just meant that my faith is not strong enough if I’m always thinking and making my life sad!

So, yes letting go of things really is a license for happiness!


5- Keep The Faith – Top Mantras For Happiness

And, this brings me to the last point! Faith! Losing faith in yourself or someone else will rob your peace! It might have a ‘termite’ affect and empty you! So, even if things look glum, I try to not lose faith in God. And, then perhaps myself! It’s hard, but I have seen- that only by keeping the faith, I have been able to move ahead!


happy girl
My Top 5 Mantras For Happiness

So, that we’re my top mantras for happiness! Yes, there are a lot more like working out, having a good company etc.

But, these five are basic and we just need to train ourselves, right?

What are you happiness mantras?  Do you know happiness reflects on your face and makes you beautiful too.