Today many couples are facing the problem of infertility. However, many of them forget that it equally affects both women and men. Sometimes, getting pregnant is actually a difficult task. According to the records, it is said that you have only around 15-20 % chance of conceiving every month, even if you are very active. Thus, it becomes essential to seek the help from fertility expert.

Seven reasons you should see a fertility expert

Seven reasons you should see a fertility expert

Well, have a look at these points, which will give you a clear idea about the reasons of when and why you should see fertility expert-

  • If you notice a change in your monthly period cycle-

If your periods are irregular that means you are having irregular ovulation. If your periods doesn’t come at all means ovulation is not at all taking place. The leading cause of infertility in women is the ovulatory disorders. There are other reasons also for missing your periods.

  • Your age is above 35-

It is seen that when a woman gets older, the number of eggs and their quality drops down. If you are 35 or older than that and have been trying to conceive for six months, then it is time to see a fertility specialist. At the age 40, you are at high risk in the category of pregnancy and also the risk of miscarriage is at a higher rate.

  • If you are diagnosed with cancer-

It is very important to see a fertility expert especially if you are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer treatments have diverse and long term effects on women fertility. By having a talk with your fertility expert and oncologist you can decide the different ways of preserving fertility during your cancer treatment. The different options could be like, before the treatment you can freeze your embryos or your eggs. Even freezing the ovarian tissues can be one of the options.

  • When you see that the semen analysis results are abnormal-

It is said that the 40% of infertility cases are caused because of male infertility. If you observe that your semen analysis results have came abnormal then it is the time to visit a fertility expert. If your male partners sperm count is of poor quality or low then it will become more difficult for you to conceive. There are various methods through which you can overcome the problem of infertility.

  • Earlier if you have experienced 2-3 or even more than that miscarriages-

Multiple miscarriages also lead to infertility problem. If you have suffered more than 2 miscarriages then you should consult the fertility expert. He/she can help you with your health problems which you might be facing while you are trying to conceive.

  • Having a history of chronic medical conditions-

If you are having long-term medical issues then, this is one of the reasons for infertility problem.  

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Thyroid condition
  • Genetic disorders

If you have any of the above problems, then you must consult the specialist to get proper treatment or solution for that. A history of genetic conditions if passed through genes then you might be at high risk.

  • If you have done multiple pelvic surgeries. Infertility can also be caused if you remove removal ovarian cysts for several times.
  • Earlier if you had pelvic inflammatory disease.

Thus, it is very important to consult a good fertility expert for all these reasons. This is the best step which you won’t regret later. There are various hospitals which provide Infertility treatment in Hyderabad. So, choose the one which you think is best for you.


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