Bella is a brand which consists of excellent quality of female beauty and hygiene products Let me share why Bella is the best. They are made with European standard and suits all skin types.

Bella sent me PR package few months ago, and  I have really loved the comfort and price value. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Why Bella is the best – Products

 Sanitary Napkins


Panty liners

Cotton products like cotton pads and cotton buds.

These products can be ordered here, bellahygiene

They are highly affordable and also have excellent quality.


Why Bella is the best

 Hygiene and beauty products are a bane to our existence. We need them in our daily lives. Let’s explore these products in detail.


  1. Cotton Balls– Bella Cotton Cosmetic Balls are made from 100% natural fibers developed to be soft and fluffy. Wool balls can be used to gently cleanse and dry your baby’s skin. Bella Cotton Cosmetic Balls ensure superior absorption and safety for your baby.
  2. . Sanitary Napkins – Bella Classic is the European brand of sanitary napkins designed to give the exceptional comfort provided by few unique features available in India for the first time. Bella Ideale is the premium quality sanitary napkin which has pure cotton top sheet. It is very flexible and gives comfort to the woman. These are breathable sanitary napkins which minimizes the risk of skin irritations. Try it and you can feel the change!
  3. Bella Round Cotton Pads– It has highest quality cotton products made from 100% natural fibres developed to be soft and fluffy for the purpose of delicate wiping and cleansing of adults’ as well as babies’ ski
  4. Bella Intimate Wipes -t helps in delicate cleansing of intimate areas to ensure comfort and feeling of freshness. Its alcohol free which can be used to clean the intimate parts of the body. It also protects from urinary infections. 
  5.  Panty liners – Bella Panty Soft Comfort are small kind of sanitary napkins which can be used everyday hygiene. It gives protection against white discharge, spotting, etc. It can be used on the first and last day of the period also.


Sanitary Napkin And Panty Liner brand Bella  from Europe, now in India.
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Cotton balls are Ideal for baby care, gently cleanse and dry your baby’s skin
Sanitary napkins are soft – delicate non-woven top sheet provides a great feeling of softness. Now that you know why Bella is the best for me,  what are your thoughts?