Mobiles  have now become  a necessity of our lives. I wont lie, the other day when my mobile data stopped working all of a sudden I had a mini panic attack. But, as useful as it maybe, the mobiles or smart phones are definitely creating a rift between couples.

Why mobiles coul be ruining your relationship?

We give more attention to the mobiles – When you are on a dinner date or a movie, don’t you just need your phones? While we tag away our locations on Face Book and make a boomerang on Instagram, the moment is gone. At least, that moment is gone.

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Communication Gap – How can you be close to your partner, when you constantly check the updates on whatsapp or for a game in that matter? The entire communication happens with mobiles!
Our mobiles have become a constant and regular distraction for us all.

Do you not wake up to your mobiles? Be honest, are you not giving more attention to that small shiny gadget…more?

I have seen couples in restaurants, nowadays not holding hands but holding cell phones, respectively.

I also stay hooked to my phone, and my spouse is hooked to some silly game, like the clash of clan.

We have fought aplenty of times on this and I guess it would be the cause for long. Unless…unless we try to meet on a common ground.

Some tips to not ruin your coupling goals

  1. Give yourself 20 minutes everyday without cell phones. Just shut down the internet and hold hands.
  2. Meal time should be gadget free. If you are Instagramming it, please take a picture while the net is off !!! Once the meal is over then you can upload the picture.
  3. Make sure your spouse knows that, the excess usage of the mobile is an issue. Maybe he/she is not really aware that this is an area of concern

Mobiles work great in long distance relationships, as you can easily chat or video call. But, when you are together you should really be together.

Even if it’s for half an hour make it count.

These are my thoughts on the issue, please share what do you think about the same.

The prompt is: How mobiles can ruin our relationship with our partners. if you are single please write about any  topic related to love,  close to your heart

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