Every pregnant mom, is scared of the words “labour pains” I know I was petrified. But, do you know there are ways by which you can to a certain extent control them?



Keep Calm – As easy it may sound, it is way harder to not to fear the “L” word and keep yourself soothes and relaxed. The more you fear it, the worse it gets. It’s pretty mental as well. Just take deep breaths and count to ten.


Water– Yes you read it right. Water. A warm shower is something that will not only calm away your mind but also make your pains less. Preferably, take a sturdy chair and place it under your shower permanently.


Naturopathy – If you can visit a naturopath, before its time to give birth, it can be beneficial. They can provide you with some natural remedies and even medicines which are safe during pregnancy.


Natural Massage – A gentle massage goes a long way. It has been observed that, a gentle stroke on the cheek, or hand really helped in relieving pain. Also, if the partner is the one giving the ‘gentle touch’ it relaxes the woman’s anxiety.


Drinking Water – If you can, make sure to drink at least 300 mls of water every few hours. This will avoid dehydration and help the labour pain a lot. It’s better to note this down, before hand and keep a slip and few empty bottles in your hospital bag.


Hot and cold compresses – It is also a good idea to carry a hot/cold pack with you, just in case. Studies have shown, that applying heating pad on the lower abdominal are helps a lot with the labour pain.

A cold pack comes handy, in case of sweat.


Choose Wisely – Opt for a place where the doctors, nurses and other staff members are patient and will help you get you through this time.


Join Antenatal Classes – This class will give all the mom’s to be, a rough idea on what to expect, during the time of labour. It will be very beneficial, and if the class allows the spouse should go as well.



Visualize your happy place – When the pain hits. Think about something that makes you happy and is a natural mood up lifter for you. It can be the ultrasound image on your cell phone, your nursery or even your honeymoon memories.




Keep Moving– Now this is something which is not what will feel right to do. But, this will help you a lot. Walk across the room, squat on a chair or just do knee taps. The idea is to just keep the body moving.

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More such tips can be found in a blog post written by Sitaram Bhartia Hospital in Delhi. Check out ‘How to Reduce Labour Pain – 3 Effective Tips’ to learn what you should do in the prenatal period itself.

Their maternity team  knows how to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and calm during the most crucial yet exciting moments of your life.

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Do you have any tips on how to soothe labour pain?


Disclaimer- The hospital recommendation is based on my views after going through their program details. All decisions should be taken only after checking it with a professional.