Does making me love myself, make me a narcissist? Or does it? They say that happiness comes from within, and I agree. But, what is often forgotten is that how can we cultivate that happiness.

True, that happiness gets cultivated in different ways for different people. The man who has a pet dog, will feel happy after the dog gets a new collar. The mom gets happy after the child is well-fed. I could go on, but there is one small thing which is missed out!

Loving ourselves.



Loving myself  does not mean that I can take endless selfies. Although that’s a start 😉

Loving myself means to put myself first, whenever I can. I am a mother & I very well understand that it’s not possible for mums to sleep in when the school starts. But, will it be too bad to give yourself the extra five minutes which might rejuvenate you?

As I said, loving oneself means different things to different people, but one thing is common: be kind to yourself and do not put yourself down.


Well, to answer my own question? I don’t think loving myself makes me a narcissist. Not at all. I think its important to love ourselves, because  If Im not for me, who is?

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Prioritizing  yourself does not mean to admire yourself whole day and blow your own toot.

Rather it means, to take care of yourself, like you would of your spouse, child , family or anyone who is important to you.

Are you sleep deprived and it has started showing under your eyes? It is okay- to go to bed early,  or buy that costly under-eye cream which might help you.

It’s OK to take care of ‘your’ physical appearance, be it your eyes, hair, body etc.



If you join a gym and end up surprising yourself, by actually going regularly- do not forget to pat yourself on the back. Just like you would someone else, if they achieved something.

As long as, you doing the duties that you are supposed to do, I see no harm in indulging in ‘self-love’ every now & then.

Love yourself, after all you are are a part of you.

 In case not clear, the first prompt is Self Love, would love to know your thoughts!



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