Things To Consider Before Your First Overseas Trip

I have been a born traveller, and trust me the joy of travelling is something which one needs to experience at least once in life.

It does not matter if it’s domestic or international because the essence and the enrichment are what really counts.

Today, I want to share a few tips on International travel, so, without further ado let’s get started.


Tarvel tips for your first international  visit #SlimExpectations #TravelTips #Travel #photography #travelblogger
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Visa and Passport Requirements Things To Consider Before Your First Overseas Trip

So you could be travelling, to America, Australia, the Far East, etc. Depending, on the choice of your travel destination, you need to keep everything in check. The visa papers, appointment letter, invitation if any. Make sure you have a photocopy of your papers/ passport with you at all times (while travelling). Having a soft copy doesn’t hurt too.

Know what all you need to explore Things To Consider Before Your First Overseas Trip

Of course, it’s fun to roam around the streets of any city, but there are a few rules that you need to know for sure. What will be your itinerary for the coming days? What are some of the places that you should visit? Keep striking them in the list once you visit those places.

You can try booking a tour for your convenience, most of the cities offer day tours and there are multiple agencies to choose from.If you are not comfortable online, then your hotel concierge can help but it is highly recommended that you do your homework. Trip Advisor is one of the best sites since it has genuine reviews on hotels, airfares, etc.

Travel Insurance Things To Consider Before Your First Overseas Trip

Travel insurance can be your saviour when you are on vacation.  Travel insurance will cover the following aspects:

  • medical expenses
  • trip cancellation
  • lost luggage
  • flight accident and other losses incurred while travelling

You should choose the right type of travel insurance based on your budget & requirements. Depending on the insurance amount you pay, you would be offered certain facilities. Get travel insurance for U.S.A and enjoy the privileges that are being offered.For the Schengen Travel Insuranceregion, (which covers most of Europe).


Tarvel tips for your first international  visit #SlimExpectations #TravelTips #Travel #photography #travelblogger
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Learn Some Key Phrases Things To Consider Before Your First Overseas Trip

If you are visiting a foreign country, it is always beneficial if you know the local language. Learning a few phrases, besides thank you and sorry always helps as you would be comfortable in communicating with the local people in that country. Of course, now we carry our smartphones everywhere which has internet connectivity hence, looking up some information on the web is just a few clicks away. Perhaps, keeping a screenshot is going to be pretty smart. Since internet speed connectivity can be flaky, it is wise to keep a screenshot of the important words that might help you in travel.

  • Washroom
  • Emergency
  • Mall
  • Restaurant
  • Taxi

And, of course, a lot more words, which may fit the bill for you personally. Keep your luggage organized and make sure that items are sorted out properly so that you do not go around hunting for things. This can result in unnecessary wastage of time. But, that is for another post.


How do you plan your travel and what is the core essence of taking travel insurance? Do share your feedback in the comments sections.