Ever heard of bed exercises? Yes- then great, if not then keep reading. When you have not worked out for a bit, it gets hard to jump back on the fitness wagon. We all know exercising is great for our body and mind both.

But, when one is not in the mood, to gear up and start working out, something else can be done. At such times, bed exercises can be just the savior for you. The advantage being, that you can throw away the procrastination,  wake up and sweat it out, right in the comfort of your pajamas.

Sounds good, right? So, if I have managed to keep your attention let’s get started.




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5 Simple Exercises That You Can Do In Bed


  1. Bicycle Crunches – Oh, do not get fooled. They look easy but after 10 you will literally start feeling the fat “melt”. As the name suggests, just lie down and cycle with your legs. 


  1. Leg Raises – these are definitely, simpler but you do need to keep the rest of your body stiff. Lie down and raise your legs.


  1. Russian Twist – Abs- are you screaming yet? This one is a killer. Trust me, you will feel your abs paining. To make it a tad harder, just raise your knees and carry on.


  1. Glute Bridges – These are simple and help you strengthen your core area. You lie down on your hands and raise your, glutes.


  1. Ab Crunches- Another simple exercise which, can be done in the bed easily.



While you workout, also make sure that your form is right. Incorrect form can cause more harm, than good.

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Week One – 1 Round Ten Times Each Exercise

Week Two –   2 Rounds Ten Times Each Exercise


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Make it slow but steady. It just needs to be consistent. You will notice, that within a week of doing these workouts, you might just get back in your routine workout.

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At the moment, we are facing the lock-down and it has been taking a tell on us. Even if can do something as little for 10 minutes a day, in bed exercises will help you boost your confidence. 

Lastly, do not compare yourself to anyone. We are all fighting our own battles, and we all started from scratch.

I’m sure these bed exercises will be easy to follow and you will enjoy them.

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Disclaimer- I’m not a fitness expert and all opinions are my own. Please read the full disclaimer.