Welcome to the last post of Momology. And, today I explore the topic of how  I learnt to be a strong mother from my own mother.  Specially, when I’m sinking and unable to cope. It’s never too easy to be the perfect parent, but our mom’s and dads can be the perfect mentors for sure. I’m writing on the below picture prompt:

1- Don’t panic  Panicking at a given situation, only escalates it further. When my twins, were really tiny, one of them threw some cotton inside his nostril.  I think he was barely 7-8 months old then. I was in shock, but my mom saved the day. She took out a pair of forceps from her drawers and pulled the cotton straight out. 

Well, as the “mom” I guess I could have done better too. But, this was a lesson for me 🙂

2- Be smart – Instead of being a typical mother, who nags round the clock just let them be. Instead, of hounding them with everything that “needs” to be done, just let them face the music. (Of course, only if your child is old enough)  Example: If your child does not set their school bags, then let them be punished in school,  If they do not learn from your experience, Then it’s time to bite the bullet.

3- Gel with the kids – instead of telling them how to behave, you behave the way you want to be treated. Try to resonate and be the mom, you need to be. Breathe in, and do not give in to the tantrums. Stay calm, and this will help you go a long way. 

See where you are going wrong. Are you tinkering around with the phone when they are back from school?  I evaluated, and realized, that it was something I used to do often.  When our children, want attention we should do just that. Give them undivided attention.

4-Shut down the outside world when need be– Do not forget that you owe a lot to yourself.  Fix a “me ” time daily even if it’s only 15 minutes a day. Workout, walk, sing, draw whatever gives you a sense of satisfaction. One needs to be at peace with themselves before they go and cater to the needs of other people.


my mother taught me and is my best friend #mymom #bestmom #strongparent
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