A homemaker is someone who never enjoys a day off, works round the clock. But, even so, I love being the homemaker that  I ’m.
Of course, there are days when I wish I was working at NASA, but 10 out of 12 days I’m happy and satisfied.

5 Reasons  why I love being homemaker 

1- I’m my boss: why I love being homemaker 

Yes, there may be constant bickering of the food that is cooked is not good enough, or tasty enough. But, honestly, I decide the menu for the week.  I’m the boss of most of the things around, and that my friend is amazing!

2- Blogging from home: why I love being homemaker 

Being a blogger is perhaps more convenient if you are a homemaker.  That million dollar idea can pop up at 10 pm or 8 am and you have the liberty to note it down and even implement it if need be.

3- I love to welcome home my man: why I love being a homemaker 

Well I know this sounds very eighties, but I’m still the girl (woman) who likes to wait for her husband and ask him how his day was.
Of course, what follows later might not be all roses, but the first impression after he returns from work is always happy 😉


4- Working out at my own convenience: why I love being homemaker 

Although I like the idea of working out the first thing in the am, I have to admit that I barely do that. Most of the time my workout starts at 1 pm and that’s only possible cos I don’t have other engagements. If I was a working mom,  I couldn’t have had these flexible hours to workout! 

5- Spending time with kids: why I love being homemaker 

As our kids grow older, our time spent with them does get limited. But, once again I have the liberty of spending a lot of time with my twins, as I’m a homemaker.
In fact, there are times I literally need to step back from them 😉
I have never been a working woman, so I definitely cannot say how is it different. But, I believe to be happy in what we have, as that’s the only way one can live at peace.
Before I started blogging seriously, I did get bored very often, but this work has become my saviour! 
Are you a homemaker? How do you like or not like it :