We all need protein in our diet and unfortunately, this is something that is not given due importance. At least not as much as other vitamins. But, if it is hydrolysed protein, then it takes your protein consumption to a whole new level.Today we will discuss why hydrolyzed protein is the best protein.

Who all need protein?

All of us. Some need a little more, and some just need protein. There is  absolutely no scope of needing less protein.

Pregnant or lactating moms, growing children, elderly need a little more than other normal adults.


Few days back a fantastic event was held by Protinex, where lots of myths were busted and lot of knowledge was gained. The event was attended Nutritionist Kavita Devgan and Dr. Madhavi.


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The other day I had asked this question on Instagram, just as Ms. Kavita Devgan had asked, us all the event.

The cause behind the event was to create some good noise about the importance of protein.

Which of the following part of our body does NOT contain protein?





Most of us came up with bones. Although, the truth is that each and every part of our body contains proteins. Even our bones.

But, did you know that a recent survey was conducted by IMRB and it was found out that 73% of urban India was deficient protein. So that means that eggs, milk, lentils which we consume may just not be enough to provide us our daily dose of proteins.


Why Hydrolysed Proteins Is The Best Protein


What are hydrolysed proteins ?

Hydrolysed proteins are easily digestible and are a mixture of pre-digested proteins. This makes it really easy for our intestines to digest it, and not as complex like the intact protein. It gets absorbed faster and enters the blood stream more easily and quickly.



Protinex  is the best protein powder brand, by far. It is safe and is hydrolyzed. In fact, Protinex has now launched a way to calculate how much protein do you need. Lets see how.

Protein Calculator

Protinex, has  launched a  protein calculator, which will help you determining how much protein you need every day.

You need to visit their website, and enter the details they ask. And, that’s it.


Why Protinex:

As mentioned earlier Protinex is made of hydrolyzed proteins, and it is digested at a faster pace.

Protinex is a protein powder  brand, which can be consumed by mixing in milk or even water. Drink it for breakfast, or after workout.

The powder comes in variety of tasty  flavours- chocolate, milk, elaichi and vanilla.

There is different Protinex powder for pregnant women, growing children as well as Protinex junior too.

They have also launched protein bytes, which will take care of your protein on the go. Three to five of these will be equivalent one glass of Protinex. The fact that it is hydrolyzed makes it the best protein powder.

So, lets all get healthier, and consume the best protein.


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I really had a good time at the event, which was held at  the Hotel Diplomat, New Delhi. The speakers were not only talented, but really warm and sweet. Both, Dr.Kavita and Dr. Madhavi were well versed on the topic. The way they interacted with audience was commendable. A quiz was also held after the event. The winners walked home with a pen drive.

Unfortunately, I did not win but I still came home with a few goodies:)