How to make 2020 the most rewarding year in terms of fitness


Its been a hot minute, since I wrote about goals, fitness and all those things, that REALLY matter. FItness, the reason why I started blogging, lost its importance somehow. But, 2020 is the year where I fix it all.

Today being the first of January, I see no better way to start my blog post talking bout how the last year was. 


 I weighed my highest ever, last year. And despite, the various attempts at to tackle the weight I have failed, and  THAT TOO MISERABLY.


But, now is the time to rectify all the wrongs that I did, and plan it out in a way that it works in my favour. And, not against me.


This post is going to be a tad long, and if you are someone who has had issues in losing weight, and are struggling then you might find it useful.

However, please know that this also talks about me…and my failures.


So, without further ado lets get started. Here I will share what I did, vs what I should have done.


 Setting big goals, but unrealistic ones

With the onset of 2019, I connected with my friend and trainer Tanvee and started y weight loss journey once again.  She sent me weekly meals, and workouts. I started strong.

But, somewhere mid-January, I  just got back to doing all the wrongs.  Stopped working out, and although kept eating on check, but it was not as good as the start.

 What I should have done?

Taken a break from the workout, when I was feeling it. I continued to push myself despite, feeling tired and that just made me throw  the whole thing away.

This could speak less about my determination, but I’m only human.


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Joining the gym without a plan

So, back in August, I bit the bullet. I thought “hey might as well join the gym”  and see the results.  Of co, I have known all along that its 70% your diet.

Even if you DO NOT WORKOUT but are consistent with eating, you will see good results.


Anyhow, so I managed to go to the gym 15 days out of the 30 days enrolment.

I did feel myself getting toned, and for sure the cardio boredom was gone.

But the wrong I did was to go everyday for 1.5 hours. That literally scared me AF.


What I should have done?

Gone to the gym only thrice a week

Focus on different body parts (which I did) 

And, not eat more, just because I had burnt a lot of calories.

How to make 2020 the most rewarding year in terms of fitness
How to make 2020 the most rewarding year in terms of fitness


Not cutting the all or nothing mentality (Realistically)

I have always professed my love for carbs. And, real food.

But there was a time when I literally ate just chicken breast for dinner with veggies and yes I could maintain that for a while.  Lost a good amount of weight too.

So, I decided why not do this again?

And, to my horror, it took me by a surprise.

Five years back, I could do it all because I had not abused my body so much. But, coming to 2019, eating low carbs just made me very cranky and low on energy.


As a result, I gained even more weight, because after  eating a measly chicken breast and veggies I would just eat some crackers or likes.


How to make 2020 the most rewarding year in terms of fitness
How to make 2020 the most rewarding year in terms of fitness


What I should have done?

Not left out any carbs from any of my meals. The food we eat is not alone responsible for energy but also frames how we sleep, or how our day goes.

So, I should have not eaten less. But RIGHT.

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Falling prey to shiny object syndrome

Then came the time when I gave up on myself. And trust me when I say, this that I have spent some horrendous amount of money this year, talking to dieticians and taking diets.

Does it mean they are bad? NO.

A coach can only do so much.

The effort HAS to be made from you.

With all the information, I already possessed I needed no one, but yet I jumped from one coach to the other, just to perhaps get that magic potion. Which WE know does not exist.


What I should have done?

Gone back to basics

Start where I left off. Tanvee’s plan is still sitting in my inbox, and I could have “just” printed that out, instead.

Should have done Lucy workouts, and logged on my fitness pal.


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Whoa, so if I still have your attention, and you have not run away reading my failures, here is how I plan to make 2020 my best year ever.


Not only in terms of weight loss but also in other aspects.


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What goals to set?


Setting small and achievable goals matter, the most.

Now I need to have small victories in this avenue, so my brain can register that I can do this.

Shailaja’s love for “ The Atomic Habits” made me buy the book and,  this is what the author says as well. “ that the idea to show yourself what you are capable of” and then the things just follow.

Also read an interview with Shailaja, the lady who is super sorted.



How to make 2020 the most rewarding year in terms of fitness
How to make 2020 the most rewarding year in terms of fitness


So, here are the fitness goals I’m setting for 2020, and let me know if they resonate or make sense?

  • No more rushing into carb-free dinner “ myth”
  • No more seeking validation from mentors. (Yes the ones I’m already in touch with are good)
  • Eating in a way that can be eaten for the rest of my life
  • Working out 4 to 5 days a week, which are not very low intensity
  • Eating whole, nutrition enriched food and go binge free for good
  • Eat a dessert when I crave but in portion.



Thank you so much if you all stayed back, till the very end.  Is there anything that you find similar to yourself? What are your fitness goals?

We are human, it’s ok to make mistakes but, about time to fix when we can.