Being fit and healthy, is not as difficult as it seems, even though it comes with a few strings attached. Sacrificing the taste buds always in favour of sensible eating is no walk in the park. Temptations have to be curbed and the body has to be worked upon.

I’m sharing my top 15 tips on ways to stay healthy and fit, but you will need to follow it sincerely. Also, please remember that you cannot lose weight overnight and there are no quick fixes.

15 Ways to stay healthy and fit


15 Ways to stay healthy and fit
15 Ways to stay healthy and fit

1. Drink Water

Up your water intake, like it’s your job. Have two glasses of water on waking up. It will literally wake you up. Plus, have another two glasses before every meal. This will not help you lose weight, but will make sure you eat less 😉

I use Vaya bottles, as they are sturdy and keep the water cold/warm as per the weather. 

Buy Vaya Water Bottles here.

2. Cut Out Fruit Juices

Many of us consume juices, thinking its full of nutrients and vitamins. But, the ugly truth is that juices are juts liquid form of sugar. Even, at home try to nibble on fruits, instead. This will keep you full for  longer, and add some fiber to your diet.

3.Meal Prep

This means you cook in bulk for yourself. Cook for the next three days, and store in a easy to heat container. When you have food cooked, it’s less likely to go on a cheating spree.

Example: Keep up to 4-5 boiled eggs at home. When the eggs are already staring at you, it’s less likely to grab some chips or cookies.

4. Eat Fibre Rich Food

Do you know eating food that contained fiber will aid in weight loss? The trick is, that fibrous food makes you feel fuller for a longer period, hence you nibble less. Most fruits are full of fibre.

Oatmeal also is a good source of fibre.


I love Americano and it is so much better than the typical black coffee. You just throw some cubes of ice, coffee and water in a mixer and churn. This will give you the extra kick if needed. However, if you are not into coffee, then I suggest to not start this habit.

You can always skip on water.

6. Work Out

On days, when you just do not want to do exercises longer than 10 or say 4 minutes,  then don’t.  But, some get in some workout. Tone up, jump, get your heart rate up. It will all add up later.

7. Go easy on the junk

We all love pizzas. I know I do. And, it’s kind of hard to imagine a life without pizza, Right? But, as our goal is to stay in shape with minimum effort, pizzas, burgers, lasagnas are all out of the picture.

Treat yourself to a tortilla pizza. Or, a good old roti can do the trick too.

Just cut the cheese serving and make sure to log it in your diary 😉

8. Keep Busy

An empty mind is the devil’s workshop, right? And, I’m guessing that the workshop was full of tasty food.

Being busy keeps your mind off food for REAL. Start reading, or start writing. You do not need a blog to write.

9. Join My fitness pal

My fitness pal will help you track your food and workout. The database is one of the best and has an enormous amount of food stored in it. If the food is not listed, you easily create a recipe and get the calories.

10. Cut the all or nothing mentality

It’s an old example. But, so apt. What if your cell phone breaks. Would you step on it and crush it further, or just make sure it’s not broken?

Although, if we eat a candy bar, our first instinct is “Oh, the diet is screwed up already, might as well have the whole jar

That, my friend, is wrong. The idea is to “STOP” when you get the calling.

11. Be consistent

You do a 5K today and then another one next week. Unfortunately, it does not work like this. At least try, to work out thrice a week.

And, no you do not need to run a marathon or even a 5K.  Start as slow as ten minutes. But, start.

12. Make time

We are all busy. And, no one really has the time to jog for ten minutes or lift weights. You make time. If it’s important to you, you will make time for your workout, meal preps and so on.

13. Diet Vs Workout

If you are killing it in the gym & celebrating with large fries and coke, I got bad news for you. What we put inside our body matters way more than our workout. Both, are important. But, you just cannot eat fried and sugary food and expect results.

14. Keep It Real

Setting goals which sound too good to be true are only paving the way to failure. Tell yourself, why getting fit or losing weight is important to you. Do your research. Make “realistic” and “achievable” goals.

15. Join Support Groups

There are many support groups on Facebook, that can help you stay motivated and stick to your routine. As long, as we can offer the same, the admins are kind enough to take us.

I also have one “budding” support group by the name Slim Down With Zee. Yes, it’s new but, I’m always there to help.


On Instagram, you can follow the following for some major goals





Join FB Groups

I’m in many Facebook groups that offer a lot of help to people who need help and motivation. There are running groups, support groups etc.

In fact, I also got inspired to start my own fitness group, and you are most welcome to join. Join Here.

Also, this is a very good group for you if you are looking for running tips from real runners.


Hope you enjoyed my tips on ways to stay healthy and found them useful. Do let me know if I can help you with anything else.


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