Exercise helps us stay fit. But, working out with a friend? Takes this to another level.

Partnering up with a friend for daily exercise is going to help achieve your goals better.

So, let’s explore the reasons why is it better to exercise with your friends.

5  Reasons Why You Should Exercise with Your Friends


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1- Accountability

We all are full of lame excuses. It is easy to switch off the alarm clock and push the exercise for later in the day. But, if you know a friend is waiting for you, chances of hitting the snooze button is less.



Any exercise becomes more fun, with a friend. You can challenge each other. Do exercises that need partners. Play catch and catch while sprinting. Besides, time will just fly off.


3- Motivation and Determination

I would personally hate, to slack when I have teamed up with a friend for exercise. If not an hour, I will certainly show up for 30 minutes. Friends keep us more motivated. 

Determination is something that only “we” can work on. But, having friends support always helps boost this determination.


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5  Reasons Why You Should Exercise with Your Friends




4-  You can try a personal trainer

Personal trainers are generally very expensive. But, you can pool in and cover that too. It  could be hard to convince the trainer, but many would agree and I totally think it’s worth trying.


5-Sharing Progress

Although comparison is a thief of joy, in this case, it might just be the reverse. Of course, every one different and our bodies are poles apart from each other. But, instead of feeling envious of one’s progress you can just try and push yourself harder.


Online Friends?

Yes, you can workout at your own comfort and send a picture or your steps etc to your friend. Technology, has made it easier for us to stay fit and exercise!


I want to be fit, and for me, that means to also lose some kilos.  I did lose a lot of weight already, but the last few kilos are taking just taking forever to come off. But, I know consistency will pay off. (You can read more, about my weight loss story here)

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5  Reasons Why You Should Exercise with Your Friends


Being fit does not only make you active, but it also gives you more power & energy to fight ill health.

Are you a new mom who has less time, or you are a busy person and you strive for fitness, but do not have the energy or know where to start? These tips can be followed by both men and women.

Start, with something you love. It could be a swim thrice a week, cycling or good old jogging. You do not have to aim for 60 minutes, the first day. Start slow…10-20 minutes a day is good enough.


 If you prefer to workout at home, then there are a lot of things you can do. And, no I’m not going to suggest you to buy a stepper or a treadmill.  But, you do need YouTube. However, its a personal choice, I did invest in a treadmill.

Check out these awesome fitness channels on YouTube:

Lastly, you will have to want it bad enough, to stick to it. Even if it rains or snows!!!

PMS?  Let that not control you either.

That’s what will make it a pattern.

My top tip, is just to start, even if it’s for 10 minutes, go for it.

Also, eating in portion control will help you achieve your goals, better.


 What does your exercise regime look like? I generally workout alone. But, lately have met an online friend and we boost each other and are hoping to see some great results!



DISCLAIMER: I’m not a weight loss expert, all thoughts are my own.