Monsoon means water and mud everywhere and it makes it even difficult to work out. The weather is usually so gloomy, it makes you sleepy and you end up procrastinating. You definitely need some kind of motivation in order to keep yourself fit and healthy this monsoon season. What if I told you that we have tips to meet all your monsoon concerns?



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We’ve all had those days, especially during monsoons, where we don’t feel like stepping out of the house just because its raining and you can get your shoes dirty and muddy. Besides, it is not just the feet that require care, your footwear also needs the same attention. Safe tip: Because your shoes might get wet in rain, a safe tip is to stuff newspapers in your shoes and placing them right under the fan and they will be dry in a day and ready for use the next day.



Monsoon makes everything look beautiful and serene but I’m afraid we can’t say the same about your health. Your immunity level goes lower, the humidity in the air makes you more prone to infections and bacteria and then follow the diseases. So clearly, your body requires more care than usual to stay in its healthy state.

Almonds are the best. They are good for your eyesight, it also helps in glowing your skin and helps build a healthy immune system. So, consume as many almonds as you can because a good immune system is very important in a fitness routine.


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How to combat concerns of Fitness enthusiasts During Monsoons



Monsoons evoke different emotions in different people. Some love the smell of nature then and for some, it ’s a perfect time for them to sip their tea and indulge in fried foods. If you are a fitness buff then you will need to maintain your fitness through this season too. 


Because of the monsoon, your skin is also at risk. You probably see your skin breaking out and get rashes or dry skin. The main concern this monsoon should be your skin and keeping your skin healthy along with yourself. Moisturizing is your ultimate goal. Moisturize your skin nicely and it will keep you away from most of the problems with your skin.




Hair problems are so common during monsoon the increased level of humidity can damage your scalp. Therefore, you need to take good care of your hair and make sure it doesn’t damage your hair. Avoid any treatments on your hair like straightening, curling, perming or coloring your hair.



How to combat concerns of Fitness enthusiasts During Monsoons



Finally, it’s all about getting up and going for that class, for that run or to the gym. Fitness during monsoon is difficult but not impossible. It may take a little extra effort than usual but you a little effort is okay when it comes to your health and fitness.


Thank you so much, Prerna, for this amazing post.


This post is a guest post written by Prerna, from  @maaofallblogs. This is her second post on “SlimExpectations.Com” You can read her first guest post hereAbout Prerna


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