I will be honest and tell you that at times it really gets hard to stay super focused and eat as clean as needed. Life steps in, you know? And, being the lady of the house, mom, wife and what no, at times get a little more interesting ;)!

This brings me to share some weight loss tips and hacks that have been tried and tested by me. 

These series is going to come every fortnightly, and each time I will discuss in detail about important aspects of losing weight.

Water in a jug
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Weight Loss Tips And Hacks For Women


You have read it and heard it everywhere. And, it is true. Water does help you lose weight.


Well, there are so tons of reasons. water is very beneficial and helps in controlling hunger pangs too.

1- Drinking water will help you flush out the toxins. You may need to visit the washroom more than, the average person, but so what? It is only because you are flushing out a lot of toxins from the system.

2- Water also plays a key role to keep your hunger pangs in check. Next time you are hungry, just ask yourself: can you eat an apple? Well, if the answer is no, then you are not hungry. Drink some water.

And, if the answer to the apple query was yes, then drink some water and then eat the apple;)

3- Water also boosts metabolism to a certain extent, Plus, you will thank yourself for the glowing skin.


Please bear in mind, that water is not a magic pill. You cannot eat fried chicken & club it with 2 liters of water and wonder why the scale has not moved.


Water Bottle

Invest in a water bottle, that is easy to hold and does not spill. So whenever, you step out of the home you just throw it in your bag. It is advised to at least drink 2-3 liters of water every day. But, it varies from person to person. Check how much water you need to drink daily, right here.



Why does having a water bottle helps?

You know how many times you refill it. Keeping track becomes easier!

I would recommend buying a cute yet useful water bottle. The cute factor really helps me 😉

Cold Or Hot Water: Weight Loss Tips And Hacks For Women

Well, this seems to be a very debated topic.

It’s said if we consume ice cold water, the body burns calories to bring it to the temperature of the body.

They also say warm water with a hint of honey, early in the morning can help you lose fat.

To me, this sounds too good to be true. Why? Well, because if it were true wouldn’t we all be slim and tiny?

Although, there is one hack that I have learned over time involving water. And, you can get it delivered right to your inbox.

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How to drink more water?

It is very much possible that like me, you are not a fan of plain water. But, trust me girls water grows on you. But, there is a wonderful way to make water a little flavoured, by infusing it with fruits or vegetables.

I personally like to flavor water with mint, coriander, cucumber & lemons. 

But, using fruits for infusing water is also vastly popular.

If you miss the fizz, try to make it half and half.

How DO I Like Flavoured Water


Jug full of water
Weight Loss Tips And Hacks For Women


2 liters Water

Handful of coriander & mint leaves

Few cucumber slices

One Lemon


Take a pitcher or a jug and throw in everything, except water. Add half carbonated water & half plain water and, keep it overnight in the fridge!

Please remember, this is to enhance the flavour and drinking infused water will not magically reduce your weight.


Download an app, which will make sure that you are hydrated. I use  Aqua Alert

This app buzzes every hour to remind me to drink water. It might make others around you crack funny jokes, but this app has helped me a lot.

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